Your purchase will benefit Panthera, the global wild cat conservation organization. All proceeds from each print purchased will go to Panthera’s leading leopard conservation initiatives, including their globally recognized Furs for Life program. Furs for Life saves leopards by providing high-quality, faux fur alternatives to real leopard skins used widely in traditional ceremonial dress in Southern Africa.

Panthera works with governments and local communities to reduce the threats to leopards from poaching, legal hunting, conflict with people, habitat loss and more. Their innovative, science-based programs aim to stabilize and ultimately increase Africa’s declining leopard populations.

Your purchase helps to save a leopard’s life! 

Learn more about Panthera’s efforts to save leopards, lions, cheetahs, and all of the world’s wild cats.

How it works:
Image / Donation – R1000 a photo
1. Browse through the gallery and choose your favourite Leopard Image.
2. Hover over or click the image to get the leopard ID eg: Leopard 21
3. Fill out your details on the form below
4. Tick the checkbox of the Leopard ID that you want (you can choose more than one)
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