Kleer Exposure is the brainchild of Nick Kleer and is an experiential company focussed on creating thrilling wildlife adventures that contribute towards the sustainability of the species and environments visited.

Nick has been helping people from across the globe capture sensational images for over a decade with a particular emphasis on free-roaming Leopards in Southern Africa and more recently Tigers and Jaguars in their respective jungles.

Nick’s success lies in an open and transparent approach to the mechanics of the Safari Itinerary. Whilst he has allied himself with Panthera to ensure that guests are left in no doubt that their wanderings with Nick are supportive of sustainable ecotourism and responsibly placed to ensure the survival of wildlife and communities in equal measure – it’s his honest approach to ensuring that the shared interactions with his wild subjects leave them unbothered – that differentiates his approach.

The scheduled departure dates found here are Nicks next bundle of wilderness journeys and offer the spirited an opportunity to visit and photograph wildlife across the globe… Nick also runs several bespoke trips every year and is more than willing to entertain unusual requests. All of these trips promise an unrivaled experience that is both responsible and magical.

Photograhic Safaris

Surrender to their presense

Odzala – Congo

Dates: April 3 – April 12
Discovery Trip
Guests: 4

Photo Credit: Daniella Keuck


Ranthambore – India

Dates: May 09 – May 19
Bespoke Safari
Guests: 4

Photo Credit: Chris Brunskill


Porto Jofre – Brazil

Dates: August 24 – September 4
Twin Share
Guests: 1 space available

Photo Credit: Chris Brunskill